• Buble Meets Sinatra:The Showdown

    Sul 3 Hydref 2021

    Buble Meets Sinatra:The Showdown

Buble and Sinatra fans, experience the next best thing to the superstars themselves in this authentic show that sees Frank Sinatra time-travel from his 1950s trilby-wearing zenith to meet today's sensational Canadian contender for his crown. So who will be favourite when their two worlds collide in an exhilarating night-out that leaves fans euphoric...let the showdown begin!

Seeing is believing with the astonishing 'Buble' Jamie Flanagan - his voice, moves and Canadian drawl are indistinguishable from the real thing. He's joined on stage by the equally authentic Kevin Fitzsimmons, the only Frank Sinatra impersonator approved by the Sinatra family's Europe Representative


All tickets
 £22.50 - £29.50

Boxes (minimum of 6 people)
£120.00 - £140.00

Under 16: £20.00


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